Branch & Bough  trailer

Branch & Bough is a generational story which explores the the ideas of progeny and legacy. This one woman show is an inquiry into discovering that which is gained and/or lost through generations of women and passed down from mother to daughter through genetic memory, bloodlines and dreamscapes. 

This interdisciplinary performance, written and performed by Monica J. Brown, was first presented at RhinoFest 2013 at Prop Thtr in Chicago, IL; and is scheduled to be performed on November 2, 2016 at the Columbus Performing Arts Center in Columbus, OH.
Branch & Bough excerpt: Grace          


Ora listens to her granddaughter sing.
photo credit Chen Zou
Ora remembers...
photo credit Chen ZouGrace drinks tea.
photo credit Chen Zou
Narrator honors grandmothers.
photo credit Chen ZouGrace tries to understand.
photo credit Chen Zou.Narrator recalls waiting/hoping to see her grandmother's ghost.
photo credit Chen Zou